Master in Business Administration (MBA en inglés) (DOBLE TITULACIÓN CON LA UNIV. CAMILO JOSÉ CELA)

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  • Precio:
    8.200€ - En oferta al precio de 2.870€
    Becas de hasta el 65%
  • Comienzo:
    Información no disponible
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    Se imparte Online
  • Duración:
    60 ECTS
  • Condiciones:
    Descuento por pago al contado. Financiación de hasta 12 meses sin intereses. Precios especiales para desempleados ¡Infórmate!
  • Titulación:
    Máster por la Universidad Camilo José Cela + Máster por IMF Business School


Toda la información que se presenta sobre este MBA Online, al igual que su contenido, se encuentra íntegramente en inglés. Es conveniente que los alumnos interesados en el máster tengan un buen conocimiento de esta lengua.

The current market competitiveness forces the companies to distinguish themselves by the qualification of their human capital, and their clients satisfaction degree. This requires solid preparation in diverse fields with which a significant competitive position can be achieved.
Therefore, companies believe it´s crucial that the Management is exercised by professionals with excellent skills in business management such as human resources, marketing, strategic direction, commerce, information systems, finance, etc.
IMF is specialised in developing and teaching courses in all fields of business management, providing the necessary experience to run this MBA where all core business areas are carefully studied.


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience.


Professionals who would like to develop or increase management skills, improve their position internationally and acquire the requisite tools to apply their academic expertise in English.


1. To analyse the basis of strategic management so that the student becomes capable of formulating, establishing and monitoring successful business strategies.
2. To train the student in the analyse and assessment of commercial strategies by deciding the most appropriate marketing channels, etc. This is the way to guarantee the best results for the companies.
3. To equip students with fundamental knowledge to have the means to lead proper business operations in a company as well as to be sui


MODULE I: Organizational Management
1. The organizations
2. Organizational management
3. Organizational culture
4. Organizational change

MODULE II: Financial Management
1. Essential concepts in finance
2. Financing decisions
3. Investment decisions
4. Management of working capital

MODULE III: Marketing Management
1. Marketing
2. Marketing’s role in business
3. The marketing mix
4. Segmentation, targeting and positioning

MODULE IV: Operational management and logistic
1. Operations management and strategic decisions
2. Operations decisions: planning production to meet demand
3. Control decisions: planning and controlling operations for productivity,quality and reliability
4. Logistics

MODULE V: Human Resource Management
1. Human resources department
2. Human resources planning
3. Motivation and communication
4. Team management and competence management

MODULE VI: Strategic Management
1. The strategy
2. External and internal analysis
3. Strategic capability
4. Business – Level strategy

MODULE VII: Management and Negotiation Skills
1. Personal skills
2. Interpersonal skills
3. Group skills
4. Communication skills

MODULE VIII: International Business and globalization
1. International business environment
2. International trade, investment and regional
3. International business strategy
4. International business management

MODULE IX: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
1. Business ethics matters
2. Sustainable development and CSR
3. Ethics, corporations and stakeholders
4. From sustainable development to corporate social responsability

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