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Introduction to Translation Skills - Introducción a Habilidades de Traducción

University of Westminster
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Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer and translator who is a native-speaker of your target language, you will gain hands-on experience translating a variety of authentic texts. Through lexical research, glossary building and an introduction to key theoretical concepts in translation, you will gain a better understanding of what graduate-level translation involves. You will build upon your bilingual skills in order to start translating at semi-professional-level articles from the press, official documents and literature fragments.

The course provides you with a sound preparation for the Diploma in Translation (IoLET) course admission test, which will be held in the last week of the course.


This course aims to help bilingual speakers become familiar with translation techniques and develop practical translation skills to the same standard as that expected of a university graduate. We have the following languages available: English into French, English into Polish, English into Portuguese and English into Spanish.


English to Spanish
English to Portuguese


To qualify for this course you should:

be a native speaker of the translation target language
have degree-level proficiency in writing in the target language
have graduate-level English reading skills

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