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Evening Language Course Farsi Grade 2 - Curso Nocturno de Idioma Persa. Nivel 2

University of Westminster
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Our part-time Farsi evening classes run from September to June at our central London Regent Street Campus just a few minutes from Oxford Circus. They are taught by experienced language teaching professionals who are native speakers of the language or equivalent. Adult students of all ages and nationalities from a wide range of backgrounds take part-time Farsi courses with us. You can also join a Farsi evening class in January for the second semester if you already have some knowledge of Farsi.

This Farsi evening language class follows a communicative approach to language teaching. Our lessons focus on language that is required for communicating in authentic situations with an emphasis on speaking and listening. Your progress will be assessed on an ongoing basis through homework, assignments and performance in class. You will receive verbal feedback from your tutor on every lesson and written feedback with your homework.


Term 1

Revision of topics covered in Grade 1, personal details, family and relations.


Common prepositions and prepositional phrases, numbers from cardinal to ordinal, postal address format, present simple tense, verb ´to come´, frequencies, comparative adjectives.

Term 2

Travel, arriving in Tehran, going through customs, how long will you stay in Iran?

Future simple tense, present continuous, imperative, sequencing.

Term 3

In Iran, getting a taxi, checking-in at a hotel, relations with other people.

Simple subjunctive, structured infinitive.


seek and give home address, and refer to landmarks
ask about the availability of facilities
express regret
use ordinal numbers
ask and answer questions about family and relatives
say how often you do things
make comparisons
express an opinion
talk about extended family
answer routine questions asked by immigration and customs officers
talk about something you are doing now
talk about something you will do in the future
ask someone (not) to do something
be polite: ´Please go ahead!´ ´Be my guest!´
suggest that you and others do something together
offer to do something for someone
wish someone a nice time, and reciprocate
thank someone using an idiom
hold small talk
read a telephone number
get a taxi to your destination
talk about what might, may, can, should or must happen
ask someone if they want you to do something for them
book and check into a hotel
complain about the standard of a hotel
thank someone using an idiom
hold small talk

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