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Evening Language Course Croatian / Serbian. Grade 3. Curso Nocturno de Idioma Croata - Serbio. Nivel 3

University of Westminster
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Our part-time Croatian evening courses run from September to June at our central London Regent Street Campus just a few minutes from Oxford Circus. They are taught by experienced language teaching professionals who are native speakers of the language or equivalent. Adult students of all ages and nationalities from a wide range of backgrounds take part-time Croatian courses with us. You can also join a Croatian evening class in January for the second semester if you already have some knowledge of Croatian.

This Croatian evening language course follows a communicative approach to language teaching. Our lessons focus on language that is required for communicating in authentic situations with an emphasis on speaking and listening. Your progress will be assessed on an ongoing basis through homework, assignments and performance in class. You will receive verbal feedback from your tutor on every lesson and written feedback with your homework.


Term 1

Family and friends, places, travelling and holidays, leisure and hobbies, different lifestyles, long-term plans (ideals, dreams, expectations).

Use of dative and genitive case for expressing possession, introducing a wider range of descriptive adjectives, collective numbers (dvoje, troje, četvoro, etc), personal pronouns in cases, word order of enclitics.

Term 2

Different countries and cultures, challenging national stereotypes (European nations), multicultural Britain vs ´culturally monolithic´ Croatia, on culture shock, adapting to different cultural norms and becoming part of a new culture.

Irregular plural of some common nouns (dijete, brat), pluralia tantum (vrata, pluća, leđa,…), introducing conjunctions for subordinate clauses (zato što, budući da, iako, etc), indefinite and negative pronouns (netko, nešto; nitko, ništa, etc), reported speech.

Term 2

Technology and how it affects us, internet, social networks and traditional media, career and work, current affairs (the Balkans and the UK), back to nature – debating climate change and other pressing ecological issues.

Revision of the pronoun ´one´s own´ (svoj, -a, -e), present and past participle (gerund), expansion of verbal aspect (perfective and imperfective verbs), introduction of the most frequent passive participles, passive voice (formation).


introduce yourself and others in greater detail
describe people – how they look, what they do, where they live
talk about differences in lifestyles
compare and contrast situations and experiences
discuss plans and holidays (imminent or distant future)
talk about past experiences (education, jobs, travels)
talk about different countries and cultures
compare cultures and existing national stereotypes
discuss living abroad (culture shock, acceptance, assimilation)
make and deal with complaints
comment on current affairs
argue for and against an idea
rephrase and clarify opinions and views
indicate preferences
summarise points of view

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