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Evening Language Course. Cantonese - Curso Nocturno. Cantonés

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Our part-time Cantonese evening courses run from September to June at our central London Regent Street Campus just a few minutes from Oxford Circus. They are taught by experienced language teaching professionals who are native speakers of the language or equivalent. Adult students of all ages and nationalities from a wide range of backgrounds take part-time Cantonese courses with us. You can also join a Cantonese evening class in January for the second semester if you already have some knowledge of Cantonese.

This Cantonese evening language course follows a communicative approach to language teaching. Our lessons focus on language that is required for communicating in authentic situations with an emphasis on speaking and listening. Your progress will be assessed on an ongoing basis through homework, assignments and performance in class. You will receive verbal feedback from your tutor on every lesson and written feedback with your homework.


Term 1

Personal introductions, Cantonese phonetic system, numbers 0–100, directions, transportation, dates and time, in a Chinese restaurant – food and drinks.


Usage of adjectives as a comment, closed questions forms (use of Maa1 and jau5 mou5), using elliptical questions with ne1 at the end, to form plural personal pronouns.

Term 2

Clothes, colours, shopping, traditional greetings for Chinese New Year, hobbies, public or leisure facilities.


Single vocabulary and vocabulary combinations, simple statement sentence structure, prepositions of direction, adverbs of degree, four syllables vocabulary combination.

Term 3

Professions, emotions, countries and nationalities, cities, currency, formal and informal situations.

Closed and open-ended questions forms, use of simple conjunctions, asking questions with a disyllabic zung1ji3.


introduce yourself and others
use greetings
talk about yourself
ask and answer personal questions
talk about your family
describe yourself and somebody else
make appointments
address someone formally
give and ask for directions
order food in a Chinese restaurant
ask for and give prices
use greetings at Chinese New Year
express likes and dislikes
invite someone
express obligation and give excuses
buy objects
describe past events
book a holiday
talk about your hobbies
talk about free time activities
describe how you feel
go to the doctor
introduce people with their professions

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